Nancy Lee Moran

Romantic Realist

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Add the warmth of summer flowers to your home decor.

Art for Conservation Logo 2009
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18 x 13 inches CANVAS
Edition size 150 worldwide

12 x 8.5 inches Watercolor
Edition size 150 worldwide
Purchase a print of Red Petals title, 2007 alkyd resin oil painting by Nancy Lee Moran, of red geraniums by a wooden fence. The art was created from her own photos and sketches in colors of blue, green, gray, brown umber, violet, and crimson rose red, size 14 by 11 inches on plastic artboard

Red Petals

As a painter, I like how red pigment seems to glow when it is transparent and set off by opaque gray and green paints. In my home town, Mary keeps a lovely Victorian garden, where I found these geraniums. My thanks to Mary, whose garden has often inspired me.
DETAIL of Red Petals, 2007 alkyd resin, oil painting by Nancy Lee Moran, red geraniums, wooden fence.  Colors of blue, green, gray, brown umber, violet, and crimson rose red.

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